Transforming complex problems into simple, usable systems.

Currently researching and designing a utility tool to help civil engineers visualise data accurately and creatively at Screening Eagle (InspectionTech). Previously, I was designing for Saleswhale (RevTech, YC16) and Igloo (InsurTech).  

B Scan Visualisation for the Flaw Detector iOS App
UIUX, Visual Design

Designing the B Scan visualisation for UT8000, an ultrasound flaw detector iOS app that helps inspectors uncover inconsistencies, cracks and corrosion on surfaces or materials with accurate and flexible data visualisation

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Lead Designer, Content Strategy

Helping Users Visualise Use Cases
UIUX, Visual Design

We were inspired by the creativity of our current customers when using Saleswhale for their marketing campaigns. The team wanted to start a template library to help new users visualise their own use cases and hopefully spark inspiration for new ones. 

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Lead Designer, Content Strategy

Visualising a SaaS Pricing Page
UI, Visual Design

As Saleswhale is moving towards a more self-serve product strategy, the team wanted to provide information that can empower users to make informed software-buying decisions. The Pricing page turned out to be one of the most-viewed pages on the marketing site.  

New pricing page post-acquisition ︎︎


Designing a Responsive B2B SaaS Website
UIUX, Visual Design, IA Design

We came out of a preliminary design sprint knowing we had to simplify Saleswhale’s value proposition on our website. I took the opportunity to expand on our brand graphics and created a fresh new system for a responsive website’s UI library.

New website post-acquisition ︎︎

Lead Designer, Content Strategist 

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