Digital brand designer passionate about the tech space.

I’m currently the Lead Creative Designer at Saleswhale (YC16), where I have worked on refreshing the marketing website, expanding the brand identity system, led and facilitated design sprints.

Designing a Responsive B2B SaaS Website
UIUX, Visual Design, IA Design

We came out of a preliminary design sprint knowing we had to simplify Saleswhale’s value proposition on our website. I took the opportunity to expand on our brand graphics and created a fresh new system for a responsive website’s UI library.

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Lead Designer, Content Strategist 

Visualising a Product Feature Page
Landing Page, Visual Design

One of Saleswhale’s feature teams was ready to open up the Beta version of our latest Scheduling feature. The team needed a landing page that would easily explain and visualise the AI Assistant’s spanking new capabilities. I created graphics that would showcase our product’s core UI in custom scenarios. 

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Branding a Digital Masterclass Series
Brand System, Visual Design, Video Editing

We wanted to launch a SaaS-centric Masterclass series consisting of sessions with thought leaders in the industry, from companies such as Gong, TripAction, Terminus and The team needed a fresh brand system for the series, something that would stand out and be easily adapted for other marketing collaterals along the way like podcast excerpts and social videos.  

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Lead Designer

Creating a Visual Language for a SaaS Blog
Brand System, Visual Design 
Our CEO and Marketing Director strongly believe in investing in good content and regularly produce articles for our blog. I’m inspired by the likes of Vox, The Wired and Medium to create an ongoing series of graphics that make abstract and otherwise “corporate” topics look visually intriguing.  

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